Multiple Version Test Creation for Groups of Students

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I want to have different versions of the same test (questions and answer choices scrambled) so that no students at the same desk have the same version. However, I want several students in the class to have the same version so that they can work in groups to complete test corrections later. Is this possible to do in Canvas without having to manually create each version of the test? I know Canvas will randomize for each student but that doesn't work for my test corrections. Is there a solution?

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Panda Pros
Panda Pros

Hello @JuliePTelenko and welcome to the Community.  A quick answer is no.  However, if you make a test with specific questions, you can duplicate it, change the name to B, and change the order of the questions.  Do this as many times as you need to.  You can then select the people who are assigned each test, so then they can work together for test corrections.  

Please realize that your SIS may not sync this grade.  There are some SISs that require an assignment to be assigned to Everyone in order to sync.  Of course there is a work-around (make Test Unit ? Final) and input the students final grade into that test.  You would not need to add questions, just the assignment.

I hope this helps.  Please feel free to reply if you have more questions about this.  Have a great school year!

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