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My canvas only opens as student view

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When I open canvas and go to dashboard I get this message:  

Welcome to Canvas! 

You don't have any courses, so this page won't be very exciting for now. Once you've created or signed up for courses, you'll start to see conversations from all of your classes.

I can still see my courses from last year under all courses but when I click on them it is in student view and I am unable to access them.  I have been unable to use my canvas for the first 2 weeks of school. Our principal recommended we download all items in canvas. I did a download export but have no idea where that is or if it worked.

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Hello, @sbailey87 , I took a look at your account and can confirm that you do not have any active enrollments; all of the courses in which you were previously enrolled as a teacher are in Completed status, which is most likely why you are only able to view those. You'll need to reach out to the local Canvas admin for your school or district to ask about the active enrollments you are expecting to see.

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