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Dear In Canvas support,

My name is Mohammed Ibrahim. I am a clinical geriatric fellow at UNR - Geriatric fellowship program. I can't see the following required courses in my Canvas as indicated in my New Innovation:

Sleep and Fatigue Education (1)
Industry Solicitations (1)
Bloodborne Pathogens (1)
Residents as Teachers (7)

I would appreciate your assistance finding my above mentioned courses.

Thank you,

Mohammed Ibrahim, MD

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Community Coach

Hi there, @mohammedi ...

Thank you for posting your question to the Canvas Community website.  Canvas Support is different than support you'll find here in the Community.  This portion of the site mainly consists of fellow Canvas users supporting each other by answer questions about Canvas....though you will find Instructure employees responding to questions from time to time, too.

To get to the root of your question...unfortunately, Community members won't be able to help answer the specifics about your we only have access to our own Canvas environments.  We do not have access to UNR's Canvas environment or your courses.  You will need to reach out directly to people at UNR that can help you find your Canvas courses.  This may be your school's Online Learning, Distance Learning, or eLearning department.  This is just a guess (by searching Google) that UNR is the University of Nevada, Reno.  If that is the case, I found a page on your school's website that offers some helpful contact information:

Office of Digital Learning | University of Nevada, Reno (

It looks like they refer to Canvas as "WebCampus (powered by Canvas)".

Also, when you are logged in to Canvas, you can check your "All Courses" screen to see if the courses are listed there.  If they are not listed there, then you'll definitely want to reach out to people at your school.

I hope this will be of some help to you.  Good luck as you have conversations with folks at your school about your courses!

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