My name and photo appear in the Top Left of the Discussion

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I am building a course and the Admin. want my photo and name remove. It has no students at this stage but I cannot seem to remove the photo or name. I understand it will not likely remain at after the course copy stage but this is causing stress from the administration side.



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Community Coach

@JimRobinette It's true that a copy of the discussion topic you created will not show you as the author. The simplest way to use this fact to sort of anonymize your topic is to copy the original into the same course. According to the guide about the Copy To feature, How do I copy a discussion to another course? , you can copy a discussion with the same course as source & destination to duplicate it, but doing so more than once will overwrite the duplicate. This should be a good solution if the existing topic has no replies (which I infer is probably the case as you say it has no students). Good luck!

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