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Navigation item to canvas page *from Master Blueprint*

I am managing a Master blueprint, linked to several sections. I have a page created in the Master blueprint, and I wish to add a link to it in the Navigation menu. I used the Redirect tool to add this. So far so good.

The problem is that when I sync this with the child courses, their navigation menus redirect to the page in the Master blueprint course. In the Student View, this leads to "Access denied" because of course students are not added to the Master blueprint course.

I tried to link to this page from the syllabus page, and this works correctly. So I am wondering what is the URL to the page I use when I add this using the Redirect tool? I tried pasting the whole absolute URL (starting with http://...) and this gave the problem. I also tried a relative URL (pages/page-name), hoping that when clicked, it will treat it properly. No luck, still Access denied.

It complicates things slightly that our admin has disabled editing Redirect links, so I cannot easily try different options to find a solution by trial-and-error.

Any suggestions?

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Community Coach

Hi Ashesh

So what is your question?