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Negative Fudge Points Added Automatically?

Hey folks! I've got a faculty member with a weird issue: SpeedGrader seems to have added negative fudge points to one of her student's quizzes without her knowledge! Have any of y'all come across this or seen any circumstances that would cause it? She's using the New Gradebook and has a late policy that deducts 10% per day late, if that makes any difference. Luckily, removing the fudge points fixed the student's score, no problem, but we'd rather avoid this issue in the future if we can!

Also, some notes:

  • Do you think it's possible that the instructor added these accidentally and didn't realize it? Well, anything's possible, but in this case I find it highly unlikely. She's never touched fudge points before and had no reason to add any negative values to this student's score.
  • Did you test any possible causes? I tried replicating the issue both in her course in our beta instance and in my sandbox course in our live instance but had no luck. I thought it might have something to do with her regrading fill-in-the-blanks questions, but nah.
  • Why not submit a Canvas ticket? Notoriously unhelpful. Since we've already 'solved' the problem I expect the response will be highly underwhelming, as I've seen in the past with situations like this. Y'all here in the community have always been much more helpful!

All the best,
Danielle Casey

eLearning Program Coordinator

Lower Columbia College

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@sstenbec do you have an automatic Missing Submission policy that assigns 0% for missing submissions? Do you see a Late or Missing label on the students' grades in the gradebook?  

I am wondering if the automatic submitting for students who were still working on the quiz at the Available Until date/time is triggering the missing submission policy, incorrectly.  It might be a good idea to contact Canvas support about this.

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Hi, our teachers have recently experienced this issue (11 Dec 2020). We use new gradebook. No late policy is applied. The fudge point value is awarded differently for each student (ie, 0.25; 0.22, 0.3).

The teachers confirmed they never touched on this field. The issue happens to more than 10 students in a course in different course sessions at the time of checking. The course has more than 1000 students. 

I am trying to contact the Agent for support but no luck. I hope to find the fix for this issue soon.

Hello Nancy,

My apologies for not seeing this until now. Just as a follow up to your question, no I didn't have the automatic deduction for late submission turned on, so I don't think that was an issue.


For me, the only time this has occurred was on tests where the student appears to have used all of the time allotted for the test and didn't finish and submit before they timed out. Canvas then awarded the exact amount of negative fudge points to equal their score, resulting in a zero for the test. I also did not have the automatic deduction for late submission turned on. 

It has only happened to me on one occasion.

This glitch seems to be very random. I'm not sure it will ever get solved/fixed.

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This is a definite problem with Canvas.  When this happened to me it happened to multiple students, so it was not my error.  I eliminated the negative fudge points and saved them and Canvas re-entered.  I think putting a 0 in the fudge points will fix it.  Now I have to go back and check all assignments all semester.

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We're seeing this, too...not consistently, but I think our pattern matches others in the thread:

  • Usually on Quizzes submitted late (after the due date, before the close date)
  • The gradebook has a missing policy set (0%).

What I think happens is that a student starts the quiz and lets it run past the due date. Submitting the quiz scores and enters the grade. But, the missing policy overrides the quiz score, deducting the score completely (exact point value the student earned) and making a change in the gradebook. The instructor then has to set the fudge points back to 0 to regrade the quiz.

I wonder:

  • Will turn off the late policy make a change? I'm not sure because several people here said they don't have a late policy active.
  • Would changing the assignment status in the gradebook from Missing (automatically applied past the due date) to None do the score adjustment?