New Quizzes Advanced Cell Properties Needs to Allow Different 4 Sides Different Borders, Colors and Backgrounds for Fill in the Blank Quiz

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I am a middle school teacher.  I would like to have the table function mirror what I am used to using in word processing applications.  I want to be able to change the four sides of a cell within a table to have different widths of border and different colors of border.  At times, I may want no border at all on one or more sides of the border.  I also want to fill the table section with color.  I want to be able to do this specifically in new quizzes so that I can use the table format within the fill in the blank quiz format to create self-grading quizzes using fill in the blank where students complete a calculation.  My students use Chromebooks.  So, this needs to work in a Chrome environment.  I am not HTML or CSS savy.  I have read through the current Canvas Community literature and most I cannot follow.  I just need tables to work with style formatting in an easy-to-use method for a teacher.  I have jpg's attached that show an examples of what I am seeking.  In the jpg you will see gray borders that emulate graph paper and black borders that indicate lines drawn under (or around) the standard multiplication algorithm indicating the answer area.  Some jpg have colored cells.

The end result that I am looking for is a self-grading quiz (using fill in the blank) where students can enter numeric values in a mathematics algorithm structured in a table format.  This is my attempt to have a work around to popular self-grading worksheet using applications.

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I want to thank you for responding in such detail.  I am definitely working on this.  I agree that I have to play with it and figure out how to identify the areas for fill in.  Thank you.

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