New Quizzes Item Bank "Management"

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Why on Earth are item banks that I created in one course tied to all of my courses instead of the course to which they should belong?!?!?  There is no reason why the default behavior of an item bank should be tied to all of my courses from now until kingdom come.  I have 5 pages of item banks for one course for one semester!  I want them to be tied to that course for that semester -- I don't want to see them any more this semester!  My Astronomy course does not need to see the item banks for my Algebra course.

If I'm interpreting everything correctly, I'm going to have to keep these item banks around in perpetuity if I want to use them next fall.  That is stupid.

If I weren't already committed to for this one course, I would totally go back to the regular quizzes -- this is *not* worth the hassle. item banks#item banks#new quiz tool#quizzes next feedback