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New Quizzes Item Bank "Management"

Why on Earth are item banks that I created in one course tied to all of my courses instead of the course to which they should belong?!?!?  There is no reason why the default behavior of an item bank should be tied to all of my courses from now until kingdom come.  I have 5 pages of item banks for one course for one semester!  I want them to be tied to that course for that semester -- I don't want to see them any more this semester!  My Astronomy course does not need to see the item banks for my Algebra course.

If I'm interpreting everything correctly, I'm going to have to keep these item banks around in perpetuity if I want to use them next fall.  That is stupid.

If I weren't already committed to for this one course, I would totally go back to the regular quizzes -- this is *not* worth the hassle. item banks#item banks#new quiz tool#quizzes next feedback

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Good morning,

The item banks are tied to the teacher and not the course. As someone who has 19 pages of item banks, management is important. It’s also why I suggested a search and filter (tags, question types) through all banks. I also suggested page numbers be at the top, too, and not just at the bottom. Next, in my view, each bank should have a description. 

I preface all banks with the subject, the unit, the topic, then level, for example “physics U7 L07-4 speed of sound” would be level four questions regarding the topic. Each question begins with square brackets, [U7 L07-4] so I can find the bank if there is a problem to fix. This helps me move through over 28000 questions. It might give you a few ideas for your pages of item banks. 

In terms of new quizzes, there are more question types and building assessments from the item banks is extremely fast. There is also a way to filter by tags and item types within a bank. So, if I want a quiz with five multiple choice and five fillin-the-blanks, etc then it’s very quick to build. 

I agree that it’s not like the classic way of managing questions or even building assessments. But I’d never go back. It’s not because I’m committed, it’s because I find new quizzes faster at building the assessments. Management of the banks, though, gets a poor rating.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the reply -- I also organize mine with section numbers, although I hadn't thought of putting the ID in the question.  If they end up forcing us to migrate everything over, I guess I'll have to go back and add course IDs on the item banks as well.

I agree the new question types are nice (and I really do like being able to type math expressions directly into text), but I'm still not sure who on Earth would think that most teachers would want all of their item banks available or accessible for every course for all time.

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Happy New Year. 

Having all the banks present wouldn’t really matter if we were given better filtering, sorting, and searching through the banks. 

If we could filter through the banks then I’d be a happy camper. Imagine typing “physics “ and only the banks with physics in it would show up. Wow, that would be awesome.

New Quizzes is still a little baby learning to walk. Let’s hope Instructure keeps feeding it and making it stronger. 

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Is there any way to get the "pages of banks" to appear at the top so that I don't have to scroll all the way down and click next?  Or can we get a search bar? I use naming devices too but I don't know which page U4 changes to U5...ugh.