New Quizzes Locked Pictures for Students

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I was working on making question bank questions in a Canvas sandbox. When I imported the quizzes into a new course, the pictures do not show up when viewing as a student. I did not import the files into the new course until today. I have been troubleshooting this by: 

  • Clicking "load image"
  • Publishing the Sandbox Canvas course
  • Checking to see if all the files were published
  • Importing the files into new Canvas course
  • Enabling files on left tab in new Canvas course

The only thing that I can think of left to do is either enroll all students into sandbox or edit each picture (there are more pictures than students).

Is there another way to make these images visible to the students in the new Canvas course?

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I just figured it out! In the sandbox I made the questions, I needed to change the visibility to "institution" or "public" for students to see links in other courses! Course Settings, Visibility, then click institution or public, and save settings. 

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