New Quizzes: Managing Shared Item Banks

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In a recent update to New Quizzes, the "shared with" information for each bank has disappeared. Now, the only way to know if a bank is shared at all seems to be to have to open the bank sharing dialog box and check.

Is there a way to be more efficient in managing how Item Banks are shared? With the ability to share to a course, things have gotten much better, but it would help to be able to see quickly if and where a bank is saved

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Hello @DrJdrew,

I understand you are no longer seeing the users with whom an item bank is shared with when viewing your item banks in New Quizzes. To resolve this I would recommend reaching out to Canvas Support at or by using the help menu in your Canvas instance as is shown in this guide: How do I get help with Canvas as an instructor? If you include a screen shot or screen recording showing exactly which locations the shared users are missing from that should allow us to assist you best! 

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