Next page locked even though all prerequisites are complete

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I have several students in the same course that are experiencing this phenomenon where they are being told the next page in the module is locked even though they have completed all the prerequisites. 

There are no dates for waiting to open the pages or anything like that, and the pages have been published. My settings are set up so that students have to go through the module sequentially, but they are doing that. I had the students pull up their computers and I backed up to previous pages in the module and did it myself, clicking Next all the way through. It still wouldn't open the next page. It showed the lock screen but no prerequisites that needed to be completed (see below). This happened to close to a dozen students out of the 100 in that course, the rest were able to move through the course normally, so it is not happening to everyone, and it has never happened before.

Screenshot 2023-03-31 3.17.14 PM.png

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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