No Submission & new Assignment Enhancements - Confusion?

Community Contributor

We have activated the new Assignment Enhancements option. This is great for those classes where multiple files are expected to be submitted and a student can only get one of them done today. They can upload another later on without submitting the assignment until they have all files gathered. Nice.

However, I see this confusion as a student who forgets to submit an assignment. Take a look at this:


The green line shows the steps of assignment submission. Note the "Missing" indication for this assginment -- nothing was submitted. Yet, as my red line indicates, the "uploaded" and "submitted" steps are shown as complete on the tracking line. Also, the "graded" step is marked complete though there is no grade, yet.

I can only assume the student sees this because the due date has passed. I contend that only the "Available" step should be highlighted.

Opening a ticket with similar information. I just wondered what anyone else thought about this.