No radio buttons on unsubmitted assignments

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I have some quizzes that I have in Canvas - and I want to tag them as "missing" or "excused" before syncing them to our "actual" grading system.  Frustrating (don't ask).

Anywho - all students who have submitted the assignment - I have the option but students who have not submitted, I don't have that option.  Those are the students I need to tag - if they weren't in class - they can be "excused" but those who were in class and chose not to do the assignment, I want to tag as missing.

I have spent hours trying to figure it out and doing different things and can't figure it out.

I also notice that on some assignments, I have the option while others, I don't.

I've been able to do it before.

It's easier to "excuse" in Canvas than it is in Synergy.

Thank you!





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Community Coach

Hello @Kgibbard 

I understand that the option to select the status of an assignment for a student is missing for student who have not submit, while it is available for students who have submitted. Looking at your screenshots I believe you are trying to find the option while in speedgrader. However, have you tried editing the status through the grade book? Here is an article on how to edit the status (mark a student excused) from the gradebook.

I hope this helps.

- MaryAnn

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