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I am trying to do an assignment for one of my classes but it keeps on telling me this error. When I had originally attempted this it told me to log in to my microsoft account which I did but I accidentally used a different account from my school account. The email I used is a different email from my canvas email, the email used is from my old school which did not use canvas. I believe that that is what is causing the problem but I am not sure how to unlink the two because when I went to my profile on canvas, settings, and then to approved integrations and removed the login it did not fix anything and I am stuck on it.  I can not access the canvas help section either because my school removed it so this is my last resort.

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@FabianaFornica Hello! 

I would recommend that you contact the instructor of your course to see if they can help with getting you access to the correct Microsoft account 😊 

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