Once an assignment is submitted, can student download be prevented?

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The assignment upload facility is used for both assignments and tests/exams. In the case of an exam, can I prevent students from downloading their submissions, once submitted? This is necessary because, in a busy semester, not all students will write an exam on the same day and time.

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Panda Pros

 @brian_minaji  , welcome to the Community.  Once a student uploads their exam in your course, they cannot access it anymore.  They will still be able to access the original exam that they had to use as an upload.  For example. if you used a Cloud assignment for an exam, Canvas automatically makes a copy of the exam into the cloud for the students.  This way, they can work on the exam and then upload it when completed.  Their exam is still in their cloud.  

If you use Quizzes in Canvas for students to take their exams, you can customize the settings that students only get 1 attempt, which student gets the exam on which day, etc.

Hope this helps.

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