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I would like to see a link on each Canvas page to the module that I have placed it in.  Knowing the title of the module that each page is connected to would also be helpful when navigating by pages.  I have so many pages, that it is very time consuming to search each page on the "All pages" list. 

When I am editing my course, I am typically in a module and choose to look at and potentially edit various pages.  When I do, and want to return to the module from which I just came.  It takes numerous clicks to return, especially if I did edit the page.  I can't just click a single link and return.  If I didn't edit it is easier, I  just use the back button on my browser.   But, wouldn't it be very helpful if in the header of a page, the module that it was in was shown?  It would help keep everything straight in your mind if you were just looking through pages and it would save quite a bit of time over the long haul if that listing were also a link back to the module.  I know that many instructors may not have many pages which navigating can become times consuming. 

As I update or edit pages I am often in and out of a module.  Updating several pages take a useless amount of time to get back to the module and find it in the list.  A simple link on a page for the module that it belongs to would be very helpful and add efficiency.

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If I understand you correctly you want a link on the page you are editing to go to the module it is associated with - if so that is an easy fix.

on your page, put in the text that you want associated with the link, highlight it and select insert link icon and select course link.  Then in the options that are available, select the module option and pick your module out of the list.  That will take you to that particular module in your module list.

Here is a post with the professional answer for what I think you are asking:

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Thanks for taking the time and effort to deal with my question.

Sorry, I may not have expressed myself clearly.  I do know how to insert a link into any page.  I really don't want to take the time to insert a link into all 200+ pages in my Canvas course.  Those links would not be especially useful to students either.  

I have a science class with many pages to edit and update from time to time.  I was actually trying to find the "Feature Request" area to make this request.  I though that I might get me started in this question area.  I would like Canvas to automatically list, at the top of a page, the module name that it is associated with the page.  Each page shows the title, Published, Edit, and 3 vertical dots near the top.  I was hoping that the associated module name or an abbreviation could be listed on the page as well.  

The Canvas software obviously knows this detail or it couldn't arrange the pages into modules.  If that knowledge could be expressed at the top of any page, assignment, quiz, or whatever, that would be so very helpful.  It also would be very helpful if that module name would be link to the module, so that it would be easy to navigate back to the module from the page.  

When I need to update or edit a page, I locate that page through the modules that I have made, not through the "All Pages" area that takes forever to load and scan through the list with so many pages.  When I finish updating a page, I want to navigate immediately back to the module, not click, scan, click my way back to the location of the module.  Rather than clicking and scanning through all the modules to get back to where I was, wouldn't it be easy to just click a link on the page to return to the module.  That name would also enhance the associations of pages and modules during development of the Canvas site, especially when it is complex.

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