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Pages Copying Each Other - Canvas Error

When editing the heading and/or content of a Page, Canvas is duplicating that heading/content and replacing a different Page in the same Course but different Module with that same content. I cannot edit the content back to its original because it then changes the other Page to which it seems to be "linked."

When I View Page History in one Page, it shows the Teacher's name who was working in the other "linked" Page as if she was working in that Page.

Thank you for any insights!

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi there, @CertAdmin ...

So I think the issue is in your terminology of the word "linked"...which is not exactly correct.  If you have a content page listed in one module (let's call your page "Module Reading") and then you have a content page with exactly the same name in a different module in your course, the "Module Reading" page is actually the same page...not a "linked" page.  So, when you make changes to the page in the first module, when you go to the other module you'll see changes on that page...because you're accessing the same page.  You can confirm this by going to your "Pages" screen in your course and looking for that page name.  More than likely, you will only see the page name listed once...not multiple times.  So, if you were to edit your page from the "Pages" screen, it would apply those changes to every instance of that page name within your "Modules" page.

I hope this will help you in some way.  Let Community members know if we can be of further help...thanks!

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Thank you, Chris. I can see in the Pages list that I am missing some of the problem Pages.

Follow up question to avoid future issues:

The Pages do not have the same name, but they are similar (i.e., Learning Goals for Week One, Learning Goals for Week Two). Can the similarity in Page name be enough to cause this issue? Alternatively, I copied the different Pages' content as I set up the new Pages since they have very similar content and the same format. Could the action of copying the text have triggered this?

Quick note: I used the term "linked" to indicate that to me, the user, the Pages acted as if they were linked. Since it is not a precise term, I tried for the quotes to indicate that.



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Hi @CertAdmin ...

No...I don't think that the fact you copied those pages would be the issue.  Each page on your "Pages" index page is a separate page...not connected to another content page.

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