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Pages- adding assignment links; links missing

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I wanted to create a study guide for an exam by creating a page and adding links to assignments students should review.   The Insert Content column includes a tab for assignments and has several assignments in it that I can create links to.  But the assignments I need to create links to are not showing up in that list.   Do you know how to make them show up in the list?

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Thank you!

The problem was escallated to tech and the answer was discovered.  The list is limited to 150 assignments.  I created daily participation assignments  (Did you attend and participate in class?).  Each of those began with a number.  Hence, the only assignments that appeared in the assignment list on the Page Insert Comment section were the participation assignments and nothing else.   They said that their engineers have been working on how to increase the list number beyond 150 items and that they should have a solution soon; just not yet.   In the meanwhile, I am just going to edit the names of the assignments I need to put in the list so that they each start with a number, then they should appear in the list.

 @clarkbra ​, I'm glad that tech was able to find the answer, and thanks for providing your solution to the Community!

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Community Coach

 @clarkbra ​, thanks for the update! I'm wondering if this is similar to the limit on number of Pages (150)  that showed up when trying to Insert Content. I know this issue is being addressed with the next production release - Canvas Production Release Notes (2015-12-12) - so hopefully the Assignment limit will also be coming soon!

Here's the information about the page limit issue that's being fixed:

Page Display Limit: Users can view all pages in the Pages sidebar

Explanation: When an instructor created or edited a page and tried to add an existing page from the wiki pages list in the Content Selector sidebar, the list stopped displaying pages after showing 150 titles. This behavior occurred because the page display limit was set to 150. Canvas code has been updated to not set a limit for the list of wiki pages. However, pages must be published to appear in the list.

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Hello all - do we know if the assignments sidebar is still limited to 150 assignments?

I think it may have more, but still not all.  I did discover that if you open the modules page, highlight the assignment name then copy/paste that when you paste it it does automatically hyperlink to the assignment.   So this is an effective work around, but not as easy as the assignment simply appearing in the sidebar as an option to add.