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How do I add the Panopto LTI to Canvas

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Hello, Karen!

LTI tool information for integrating with Canvas are generally provided by the provider—in this case, Panopto. 

If you're trying to implement this for your entire institution, you can do that at the account level, or you can do it on a course-by-course level. You'll need the LTI integration information from Panopto. The LTI key can be configured in a few ways, depending on the information provided by Panopto: URL, XML, client ID, or LTI 2. Each of those options have walkthroughs as shown in the External Apps LTI chapter of the Canvas Admin Guides.

To install at the course level, see the same lesson information but in External Apps LTI chapter of the Canvas Instructor Guides.

Hope that helps!


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