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Partial Credit for Matching Questions?

Why can't students receive partial credit on the New Quizzes "Matching" questions?  If I have a series of questions on historical figures and the students match 4 of the 5 historical figures....they should get 4 of 5 points in the section.  It should not be an "All or Nothing" scenario.  At least give us an option....... 

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This has come up in the past with classic quizzes acting the same way. If I remember correctly, the justification for no partial credit is that students can just select all choices and not face any penalty. It would require a mechanism for awarding credit for a correct answer while still subtracting points for incorrect. It's just a broad range of desires for these items and Instructure's stance has been to avoid it.

There are two solutions I offer my staff. 

If you use Classic Quizzes, you can install James Jones' fantastic QuizWiz modification on the account which gives you the option to allow for multiple answer partial credit. A button is added to the SpeedGrader that will give points for correct answers. We have this enabled for our staff.


If you're not an Admin, James' blog post has instructions on how to add QuizWiz using a Chrome extension that works great for individuals.

You can manually add partial credit for New Quizzes, but getting to the SpeedGrader is awful. To do this, go to your Grades and then find the assignment column. Click a student score then click the drawer icon. In the detail popout, click on SpeedGrader. That will open the student attempt in the grader and you can score each item there.

Neither is great, but they work.

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For Matching questions, a student can only select one answer out of the list, and the answer is either right or wrong. Which is why partial credit makes sense.

A (tedious) workaround would be to make a "Stimulus" question with the stimulus being one part of the matching question and then create separate questions for the second part. For example:

Stimulus:  Copy and paste the word to its matching definition.

Then add "Fill in the blank" questions for each definition.

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@bbennett2 But we could offer partial credit in Classic Quizzes for matching (see screenshot). That feature shouldn't have gone away in New Quizzes.

Screen Shot 2020-08-20 at 8.35.05 AM.png

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Aghhhh!!! I just gave my first quiz in Canvas and it was a map quiz. If the students miss one question they get 0%.  What the heck canvas!? Allow partial credit on a matching question! 

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Argh, I am so frustrated now!  Just made a 40 question test in new quizzes in which half are matching only to discover it is all or nothing.  Not cool, Canvas, not cool. Why in the world would you not allow partial credit in matching?  That makes zero sense for all or nothing to be the only option. 

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Very frustrated here too. Matching questions in new quizzes are already bad compared to classic quizzes. I can't match images anymore, and now I can't award partial credit. Why are features being taken away in new quizzes?

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I have discovered the same issue with our teachers re. credit for multiple choice questions.  Is this an issue that is being addressed by the developers of New Quizzes?

Only way around it I can see now is to make each matching it's own question and then fill in the answers with distractors.  This might be a feasible option for a small quiz but with a larger one that won't be productive at all.  

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I agree it should be we should have more but I also think it's just getting us ready for this type of fast pace industry and it helps us@ in the long run .

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Several question formats migrated from Classic Quizzes no longer support features in the classic quizzes.  Partial credit is just one of them.  I do not understand why new quizzes lacks features in the old quizzes.   Hopefully this is just an oversight and can be fixed quickly without too many other problem.

Categorization questions are also like this and need to be fixed ASAP!!!