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Password Reset

Canvas Free for Teachers Platform. The student has had to request a password reset multiple times because she has been unable to access the class after the first login. Subsequent logins are not being recognized. Now even when she follows the reset your password process, upon completion, she is still unable to successfully log in. I have even tried removing her from the class and starting from scratch. Still unable to get her access. Any suggestions?

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Go to the Canvas Email Login, click on 'Forgot password? ' Enter your Net ID or Email address into the Login ID field. Then click Request Password.

EZ Drive MA

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She tried this already (a student) After completing the password reset process, it will not log her in.. She gets message saying email/password incorrect.  I thought there was maybe something else we could do. I have a trouble ticket in with instructure.  I even tried removing her from the course and re-enrolling her.  Same result.

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