Peer Reviews including Intra-Group reviews

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What I want:

1) I want students to be in a group and present a project.  
2) I want students to grade the project/presentation of all other groups/people, using a rubric.

3)  I want each group to grade their group-mates, using a rubric.


1) Can different rubrics be used for the teacher, peer review, and intra-group review for the same assignment? If not, then do I need 3 separate assignments?

2) Do peer reviews for group projects assign you to review a specific student or a group as a whole? Meaning will Student A in Group 1 get assigned to review Student B in Group 2, or assigned to review Group 2 as a whole? 

3) When selecting the # of reviews given to a student, is there any priority level to intra-group reviews? Let’s say I make a separate assignment for intra-group reviews, can that be assigned automatically and take precedence over reviewing other students, or will I have to manually assign these? Meaning when I allow intra-group reviews, does that simply not filter them out from the random pool, or will Canvas make sure to assign all of the group members first before going on and selecting other people/groups?


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