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I require students to address a "discussion question" every other week for a grade. I set it up as an assignment, and the students then submit their text-entry answers through the assignment submission portal. Ideally, I would start a discussion thread and have students respond to it so there could be a true discussion, but I find tracking who has responded to a discussion thread and when to be too difficult and time-consuming. It is also easier to assign a grade when set up as an assignment. Is it possible to export student responses that were submitted through the assignment portal to the discussion board so that other students can see the answers and possibly respond? Alternatively, is there some way to start a thread on the discussion board and have it be gradable without having to search through and disentangle responses and comments? Any feedback would be much appreciated.


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HI Kelly, 

Have you tried to grade the discussion using the speedgrader tool?  I find it is very helpful.  When you choose a student, it shows you all of their individual posts. It's also nice as you can easily add a rubric for grading. 

How do I grade a graded discussion in SpeedGrader? - Canvas Community (

To answer your question, I don't know of any easy way to export assignments and make them available to all in a disucssion.  

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Hi @KellyEdmiston 

I agree with @gnoack , what you are creating are one question assignments that might as well be a quiz, because they are certainly not a discussion.

The value of discussions in online learning have been proven many times over the years, SpeedGrader makes grading them easy and fast. Could Canvas Discussion benefit from some love, oh heck yes they could, and that brings me to my next point, why not propose some changes to Discussions, or review and support the suggestions of others, in Idea Conversations in this Community? The following will help you get started...........

Good luck,


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