Printing/Archiving Student Quiz Submissions

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I'm aware of the need to view information about student quiz submissions via reports, analytics, using the Canvas API, and so forth...

I'm looking for practical ways instructors can archive the actual student quiz submission view they see in Canvas Speedgrader or from the Gradebook view of the student without having access to Canvas. This is for certain programs that require student assessments to be accessible by accreditation bodies for nursing and other health sciences such as dental hygiene.

Right now the only thing I can help our instructors land on is by saving the Speedgrader view as a web page...but it's messy and saves the assets into sub-folders. Why not have a print feature for the actual student submission as seen in Speedgrader so a PDF file can be generated and saved offline? I'm mostly asking about Classic Quizzes, but we're going to be moving to New Quizzes for our nursing faculty relatively soon. Is this something available for New Quizzes that we haven't yet discovered?

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Hello @themidiman 

There are some good options that have been brought up before as there are others who are looking for the same thing. This thread has some good suggestions and work arounds for printing the quiz submissions (and not the quiz itself)  Solved: How to print student's completed quiz? - Instructure Community  

Namely, the option if going to "show student quiz results" and printing from there. New Quiz has options for printing as well, but this is more to make paper copies of the quiz for students to take in class. Hopefully this helps! 

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