Problems to get an assigment inside the preriod grading even it is inside a module and publlish

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Hi! I am new to the use of Canvas and right now I am grading my assignments and I have some of the outside-the-period grading, I have the assignment list. I have an assignment inside a Module but still it is not included in the rest of the grading.   


It think I will be better to explain with the attached file that contains the images, on the top are all the assignments except the one that gives the problem

. At the bottom to the left is the average for my period and on the right after several columns I have that other average with a message that says that the grades are not included in the current period and then the assignment that I can not get to be inside the other columns.

I tried and reviewed what is published, that is inside a module, which is an assignment I do not where to look for.

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@polet281095_mad The Grading Period associated with an assignment is determined by the Due Date on the Assignment and not the Module that it is associated with.  If you have assignments outside of the desired grading period and need to move them into the grading period, then you would need to adjust the due date for the assignments so that it falls within the dates of the grading period.  For more on using grading periods in Canvas, you may want to refer to How do I use grading periods in a course? 

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