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Published page not showing up for students

Yesterday I had a strange issue - a published page was invisible to students. The module was open and other pages were visible. Removing the requirements in the module setting did not allow students to see the page. Removing the page from the module and adding it back did not help. All settings were verified to be similar to other visible pages in the course.

Finally, I copied the HTML for the page, created a duplicate page with pasted HTML code, and published the replacement page. That solved the problem as students were able to view the replacement page. 

Has anyone had a similar issue? What was the resolution? Is there a better/easier way?

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We have experienced the same trouble with pages visible and apparently published in Instructor view which are not visible in Student view. After two phone calls and a helpdesk ticket with Canvas, myself and our University IT staff determined that multiple syncs from a blueprint course to an associated course had caused the issue. There is no way to correct this problem as a user; we have to rebuild each page in the affected courses. 

One L1 support person I spoke to said that each page has its own internal id, so if the page changed in the associated course, the blueprint course could no longer affect it (and Instructors cannot correct the problem). This doesn't explain the behavior we've observed, but explains why deleting (not duplicating) the page and building a new page with the same rich content editor content solves the problem.

This is our first term using Canvas, and this problem (only detectable in Student view) has impaired the trust of our faculty in Canvas's publish setting. I'm hopeful that future courses built using a single blueprint sync won't have the same trouble. 

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I can confirm that I can see this problem this semester.  I will note that unlike in cmcooper‌'s case, I did not use the blueprint sync tool for this purpose, though the course has definitely been sync'ed multiple times (over the course of a few years).

Again, the fix appears to require recreating the page as  @dlapetin ‌ and  @sandy ‌ described above.

One update on this: some of the pages that we were publishing but which

weren't visible to students were explained by ensuring the allow in mastery

paths checkbox at the bottom of the editing view of the page was unchecked.

I was able to connect to a knowledgable Canvas phone support person who

explained that if you check this checkbox while editing a page, the page

will disappear from the student view until the mastery path criteria

attached to that page are fulfilled. In our case, we were checking the box,

but not setting any specific mastery path criteria, and the page was being

hidden from students by Canvas until the criteria we didn't specific were

fulfilled (that is, the page would never have become visible to students).

Ensuring this checkbox (at the bottom of the page when you are editing a

Page as a designer or Teacher) is un-checked has helped us resolve pages

becoming invisible to students (except where we've misbehaved with the

Blueprints feature). I hope this clarification helps others.

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Having the same problem. neither the Syllabus nor the Modules are visible by students. Course is starting next week, and not sure I have a work-around. 

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Community Coach

 @frances , are you referring to the navigational links (on the left in your course) not showing up? Do you have them visible to students - How do I manage Course Navigation links?. If so, the next thing to check is if there is content in your Modules and if it is, then is it all published?

If none of this seems to be the problem then my recommendation is to contact Canvas Support. They can help you figure out what's going on! To contact support click on the Help link in Canvas and Report a Problem.


Hi Kona,

Thanks so much! sorry for my ignorance. All the best. Daniel.

Community Coach
Community Coach

No worries! Just glad I was able to help!!

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I had the problem of hidden, but published pages.  It stemmed from having accidentally checked the "Mastery Path" box.  However, unchecking it didn't solve the problem until I went and edited the page's title and saved the change.

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I had this problem today. Somebody (most likely I did it but maybe it was one of my TAs) accidentally enabled Mastery Paths, making my published page disappear for the students with no indication other than students complaining that they could not see the page (NOT GOOD). Once I tracked down the issue (thanks to the comments above) I could not simply disable the Mastery Paths checkbox. I had to edit, make a small change, and save the page. Then I had to unpublish and re-publish the page. Only after this was the page visible to the students.


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I see that this post is years old, but I just had a teacher call reporting the same issue. So I thought I'd point out that it's still an ongoing problem. She also had the "Allow Mastery Paths" box checked.