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Quiz Not appearing in Module REQUIREMENTS Edit

Hello. I'm setting up a Mastery Paths course. We've decided to order the modules so that they are in order with each successive assignment unlocking after the prior one has been completed.

I'm able to successfully add each assignment week by week and even include the associated quizzes on specific weeks. 

However - there is one Quiz that doesn't appear in the list when I am clicking through the required order. It just doesn't appear. It appears in the Assignments when I click out. But it does not appear in the drop down to impose a required order in the module. 

I've confirmed that the quizzes are assigned to the Mastery Path and to the Course - it appears to have the same edits as all the other Quizzes. The only distinction I'm aware of that this Quiz was added later in the course - and I'm wondering if the prior Quizzes are legacy and impacting this issue. 

How can I pull the rogue quiz and place it in the required order within the module edit settings?

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