Quiz appeared to be 1 min late with time limited submission

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I have recently finished my canvas exam. However, the system says I submitted the exam 1 minute late. The exam has a strict time limitation. Why is this happening? EXTREMELY WORRIED please help! 

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It's difficult to say without knowing more about the exam itself.  Assuming that there wasn't a time limit set to kick you out, it could have been that your clock was off a little bit from the system.  Or you may have pressed Submit with 5 seconds left but due to network congestion, etc it took more than 5 seconds for the submission to fully take place and thus marked it a minute late.

Talk to your instructor and let them know you thought you had clicked Submit within the time window and don't know why it says 1 minute late.  I'm hopeful your instructor will understand that sometimes things take many seconds to fully submit which could account for the 1 minute lateness.


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