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I was taking a quiz for a class and the screen kept glitching because of a pop up notification. The screen would dim and light up with the notification. I have taken many quizzes on Canvas before and everything was fine. I know it was not an wifi issue or technological issue. Has someone dealt with this before? It might be something different that is wrong, but I thought I should try this first. Thank you so much.

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Community Coach

I'm sorry to hear that you encountered a glitching screen during a quiz. That would make me feel anxious. The best person to ask about this is your instructor or local Canvas or IT support team. It would be great if their vigilance extended to the Canvas Question Forum, alas it does not.

I’m going to mark this reply as a solution. I realize it does not solve your problem, but our colleagues who encounter similar glitching will have an idea of the best course of action.

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