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My midterm quizzes have fractional scores even though that is impossible. My quiz has 31 possible points, and there is no way for a student to get a fraction of a point. Despite this, all the grades have decimals to the hundredths, and they do not correspond to the actual grade.

For example, a student who got 28 points on the quiz has a recorded gradebook score of 26.19. Huh?

I never curved the grades using the option in the dropdown in the gradebook. I am unaware of choosing an option that permits some score other than the actual score to appear in the gradebook.

What is the best way to fix this, and how do I prevent Canvas from messing up grades in the future?

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We may have figured it out.

This is a new quiz, and it was imported from an old quiz from a prior course. The old quiz had 29 points. Even though the new quiz had 31 points, and it was set that way before it was published (see the above screenshot), it still clung to the 29 point scale. This basically meant the highest possible grade was 29/31 (93.5%), and the grade went down from there.

Our campus Canvas expert was able to reset the quiz's grading so that it reflects a 31 point scale. Her suspicion is that some buggy behavior happened in the old > new import. She thinks that the next time I copy the quiz's contents, since I'll be going from new > new, it will not be an issue.

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