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Quiz results vanished

Today I gave a quiz with a 65 minute time limit and due date of today. One student is special needs and needed extra time. I went in to the quiz and typed her name into the bar where it says who to assign the quiz to. She finished the quiz, but now hers is the only grade and quiz available. I've punched every button on Canvas and can't find those other children's quizzes. What do I do to retrieve them? Hopefully they are still there. Please help!


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This is an easy fix. 

Here's what happened. When you replaced "everyone" with that one student, you "hid" the other students' grades. You need to go back and put "everyone" there in that line. Once you do that, you will see everyone's grades.

When you want to change the dates for an individual student, you must do this;

  1. Click on the + ADD sign under the box of dates. That will open a new box for you.
  2. Type in the student's name in the new box, and set the dates for that individual student. The original box will now say "everyone else." (That happens automatically.)

When you do this, you will see the grades for all of your students.