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Quizzes Created From Bank Always Blank

Hello, I went to settings and imported a QTI zip folder from here: I've never used a QTI, but I understand that they must have a an imsmanifest.xml, and this one does. I wasn't able to load the questions from the QTI into a quiz, but I was able to view all the information just fine in the quizzes tab. I tried making my own bank and my own questions won't load. I've screenshotted my steps:

I select my bank.I select my bank.

I click save.I click save.

I view the draft; it's blank.I view the draft; it's blank.


I go to edit the quiz--no bank!I go to edit the quiz--no bank!

The quizzes are also blank in student view. Have I missed something?

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I tried entering questions manually, and those won't save either. I have also tried both Firefox and Chrome.

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