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I created a Quzzes Next quiz and can see it in my module and in the "Quizzes" area of the course navigation, but when I tried to create a "course link" to it in an announcement (or a page), I could not find it under "Quizzes". I found it under "Assignments" but it had the assignment icon instead of the quiz icon (it does show the filled in airplane quiz icon in the quizzes area of course navigation and in the module it is deployed in).

What's up with this difficultly of finding it properly indicated in the "course link" selection frame?

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@lshulman I am not 100% sure if this is the reason or if it is because Quizzes Next (New Quizzes) is an LTI and just of the standard build anymore.  The reason it was separate was because Canvas currently has two versions of quizzes running and during this development overlap where both are running, classic quizzes is still the default and this it is the only one that shows in the "quizzes" area when adding links to them.  When Quizzes Next first rolled out, you actually created them in the assignment area too.  They moved it to being in the quizzes button but obviously have not switched how you link to them yet.  

I asked our CSM prior to COVID about this and there was no timeline for changing this but it was on their radar.  Not sure if that has changed as we get closer to turning off Classic Quizzes or not.


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