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Quizzes Next waiting to be graded

Seems that when a student submits a Quizzes Next quiz that needs to be manually graded, it does NOT show up on my "to do" list and displays as X (incomplete) instead of checked. I have this particular quiz set to display as "complete/incomplete", so maybe that is the issue. However, an "X" then seems to mean two different things: after the due date "x" can mean the student did not do it or "x" can mean one or more essay questions need to be graded. This last is my issue - why is such a quiz  with questions needing to be manually graded, NOT showing up on my "to do" list?! If a student has submitted the quiz and it is just waiting for me to grade it, it should NOT display as if it is "incomplete" and it SHOULD be included in my "to do" list so I can easily see that I need to grade it.

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