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Quizzes - Single Question Submission

I am new to Canvas and come here from Moodle. Unlike Moodle or MyOpenMath (and most other quiz systems, I think) Canvas does not allow questions in quizzes to be submitted individually or one at a time. It seems essential for assignments or any learning exercises (practice quizzes) that students are able to submit answers, find out if their answer is correct, and are allowed to try again and again until they get the correct answer. Well constructed questions will have feedback after each submission of that one question. I would encourage Canvas to consider adding this option to the Quizzes function. My physics assignments would have to be broken into 15 - 30 mini quizzes to accomplish this in the current Canvas arrangement. My current assignments can take students several hours to complete.

I am curious how other mathematics and science instructors using Canvas handle this matter in your assignments. Actively looking for suggestions and advice. Perhaps a work around would be to give students unlimited submission and let them submit the entire quiz after each question. This seems cumbersome, but it might work. I would like to get feedback from colleagues.

Robert Greeney, Holyoke Community College

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Good afternoon, @RobertGreeney ...

I don't have any real suggestions for I was a former Canvas administrator in a higher education setting. But, your first paragraph almost sounds like it could be a possible Feature Idea request here in the Community. However, your status is still a New Member, so you have to do a few more things in order to "rank up" (similar to "leveling up" in a video game) so that you can post new Feature Ideas. But there's also one additional thing to keep in mind ... that Feature Ideas won't be able to be submitted by anyone for a temporary period of time. All of this...the New Member designation and the temporary halt on new Feature Ideas...are explained in the links I'll provide below for you...

Also, just so you know, any Feature Ideas would have to be for New Quizzes and not current Classic there's little to no work being done any more on Classic Quizzes.

Hopefully you'll get some feedback from other members of the Community that have some ideas for you. Good luck!

Thanks for responding.