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Quizzes and item banks inaccessible in newly created course

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A colleague copied a course (A) to create a new, unpublished course (Course B). As an instructor in Course B, I cannot access the quizzes nor can I create a new quiz. I also cannot access our Item Banks that was created while I constructed Course A. 

Thoughts? Any guidance and insights welcome! This is a significant disruption and in my tinkering I cannot see any reason for this problem. 

Thanks in advance.

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Hi Jillian,

Just to clarify, are these "classic" quizzes and question banks, or are these "new quizzes" and item banks?   "Classic" quizzes and question banks are associated with the course, while new quiz "item banks" are associated with the user.


But if these new quizzes are associated with me as a user, why can't I do anything with them in the new course? 

Community Champion

Hi Jillian,

The item banks from Course A are associated with you, if you created them in Course A.  The quizzes themselves are associated with the course (I think).

Typically quizzes can be exported to other courses. Is that not the case with the new quizzes? If that is the case that is REALLY flawed design!! 

Appreciate you weighing in. This seems really murky. 

Community Champion

Quizzes can be exported to other courses, but if they're pulling from item banks, those item banks are not automatically shared or exported.   This has caused us quite a bit of headache for instructors playing with new quizzes who are sharing course materials.

All I can point you towards is the Canvas docs on sharing item banks: https://community