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Community Participant scores not populating to gradebook

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I searched but couldn't find anything to address this.

I have created a quiz with unlimited attempts, keep the highest score options.  The assignment is past due.  Students who have completed the quiz are receiving a score of 0 in the Canvas gradebook regardless of how well they do on the quiz.  They can see their actual score within, and I can see all of their information as well; the stats are all populating just fine internally.  But the information does not seem to be reaching the Canvas gradebook at all. 

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I reached out to Canvas Support regarding the issue a teacher was experiencing with Quizzes.Next.  Here is an overview of the issue:
  • A teacher created a quiz using the new quiz feature Quizzes.Next
  • During the initial creation, the points possible remained 0 since the questions were not built yet.
  • The teacher added the questions and each one was listed as being worth 1 point for a total of 31 points. That total showed in the quiz itself.
  • Students took the quiz and in the Gradebook their score showed 0 out of 0.  The 31 pt total didn't override the initial setting.  Apparently, we needed to return to the intial edit option through the assignments list to change the points possible to 0.  
  • After searching, we located how to edit the total points possible. However, once that was done, the students scores all showed up as 0 out of 31.  The actual scores finally showed up accurately in the gradebook about 15-20 minutes later. 

The question I asked support was:

  • Why do the total points within the quiz building page not override the actual total or popup with a warning that the totals don't match (similar to the rubrics)? Is this supposed to occur? It is not obvious how to change the score and it looks like it is the actual total that is connected to the Quiz.

Here was the response that I was received:

"After further investigation and confirming this information with my colleague, this is the intended behavior. When you put the point value when creating the assignment in Canvas, that's how much the quiz will be worth in Canvas. The points for the questions in New Quizzes is showing how much the questions are worth. Once a student completes the New Quiz, Canvas will divide the points that you assigned to it when you created it, then divide it to the New Quiz questions point value, and that's how the grade is passed back."

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I left out the question, apparently:  is there a setting I need to change to make this work properly?  

One thing I am seeing -- if I go into the speed grader (and wow, could that

be harder to access?) and then use fudge points manually adjust the grade,

then adjust it back, then choose "update" the score doesn't change in the

speedgrader screen, but it does change in the gradebook screen...

On Wed, Mar 13, 2019 at 1:07 PM <

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Anyone?  I'm still having this problem. 

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Okay, I'm talking to myself here...

it appears that if you give students unlimited attempts, you can't give them a grade.

Anyone have a work around for this?!?

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Same here... I don't get it: it's a quiz, it automatically scores, but that score is not consistent in the system: it doesn't show anywhere else than in It doesn't make any sense. And really, doing it manually for a few hundred students for every assignment, well, that's just crazy.

Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @sara_samples  and  @kurt_sys .  I was doing some testing myself with Q.Next/New Quizzes and the New Gradebook to see if the issue you reported about the gradebook showing zeros is still occurring.  For me the gradebook appears to be updating.  Are either of you still experiencing this problem or does it appear to have been resolved?


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We are having the issue where students submit an assignment, but nothing shows up in the gradebook nor in speedgrader.  Sometimes, if multiple sections have been assigned, SOME will show up in speedgrader and gradebook, but not others.

Hi  @jbogacki   Thanks for the update!  Has anyone reported this issue to Canvas Support?  It would be really interesting to find out what is happening.  I would expect more instructors to start using New Quizzes at my institution and if sometimes submissions appear in SpeedGrader and sometime they do not, it would be good to know how to avoid this.

Again, thanks for the information.

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Did anyone receive a response for this issue?  I have a teacher with a quiz in Quizzes.Next and the scores are not showing in the Gradebook.