Quizzes -- shared to another class? yes... but I can't change the due date!

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I have been using Canvas for a few years, and I have been successful with sharing quizzes from one course to another in the past.  (Ex:  I am the Quiz Bowl sponsor, and I have daily quizzes of trivia questions, and I have been able to reuse them for a few years, and I've always been able to edit due dates -- even across years.)

Last night, I shared a quiz from my quiz bowl course to an ELA class (multiple meaning words), and the quiz successful appeared in the ELA class ... BUT when I try to edit the due, available, and until dates -- I can't.  The interface looks slightly different to me, and it appears that I should be able to click on the calendar icon -- but the calendar doesn't appear to be an active link.

Clicking 'add' only offered "Mastery Paths."

Why does this quiz not allow me to change the dates?


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