Re-set Users Dashboard View by Admin

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It seems to me that I used to be able to re-set the dashboard view for all users, back to using the Course Cards.

For some reason I cannot locate that setting now.  Any idea where it is located?


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Community Coach

Hi kburkes Thank You for posting your question.  As an administrator, you should be able to change this setting.  Go to "Account" >> account name >> "Settings".  On the "Settings" tab of that page, scroll down just slightly to the drop-down list for "Default View for Dashboard".  There should be three options to choose from: "Card View", "Recent Activity", and "List View".  There is also a check-box under that to "Overwrite all users' existing default dashboard preferences".  This is covered in this Guide: How do I set details for an account?

I hope this helps, Kate.  Sing out if you have other questions.

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