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Suppose I have a quiz, built with New Quizzes, that is open from the beginning of the course and due Feb 28. Students can try the quiz as many times as they want. If I set an Until date of Feb 28, they cannot submit past that date, but it also seems like they cannot see the content of the quiz either. 

I would like the following behaviour.

Set a due date. Set a no-more-submissions date (which could be later).

Until that date, students can try the quiz as often as they like (read and write access).

After that date, allow students to see their questions/responses (read access only).

My idea was to originally NOT show them correct answers in their quiz, since they can redo it, but change this behavior AFTER the no-more-submissions date, so that they could then (without the ability of changing their answers) see why they missed what they did.

Is this possible in Canvas? (with either new or old quizzes, but preferably new)

Edit for clarification: The switching of "correct answers not shown" to "correct answers shown" is one I am willing to do manually. I am asking specifically about the access issue. (Thanks!)

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below is for classic quizzes.  I imagine it is the same in new quizzes(as far as functionality goes)

I think you have your answer in your question.  I do exactly what your last sentence says.  I release the answers after the until date.  The students can then see the quiz, their answers and the correct answers.

Like you said, just wait until after the until date and release the answers

before until date settings are


after the until date:


you can then set a time and date for when they have access to that information (if you want)


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