Read Aloud feature (MS Immersive Reader) can't read a minus sign?

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Hey! One of our faculty is trying to use the Read Aloud feature (Microsoft's Immersive Reader) and has found that it can't seem to read the minus sign! For example, "B-" is read as just "B," but "B+" is read correctly as "B plus."

And yes, we have tried using both the hyphen and the actual minus sign on the 10 key, same issue!

I've been unsuccessful at trying to find information about this in Microsoft's documentation and support forums, so I'm wondering if anyone here has found a workaround. Thank you!

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Hi @distance_ed1 ...

I tried this in the HTML editor of a content page in my sandbox course, and Immersive Reader read it correctly.

How do I use the HTML view in the Rich Content Edi... - Instructure Community (


<p>B&minus; versus B+</p>



Hopefully this will work for you, too!  Keep us posted...thanks!


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