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Receiving notification of comments/replies on single student discussion board post

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This is a question from the STUDENT END of Canvas:

Is there a way that I can received notification that a comment has been made on my original discussion post?  For example, on Facebook, when someone comments on something that you posted, you get a notification of the person's name and the post they commented on.  When I receive notification e-mails from Canvas, I get notification of ALL of the posts, but really I just want to know if someone commented directly on my post, or replied to a comment I made on their post.

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Community Coach
Community Coach


Welcome to the Canvas Community!!!

Currently, the ability to receive specific notifications from individual items in Canvas does not exist.  There have been a number of feature requests for this functionality in the past with this one getting a lot of support.


Hi Robbie,

I'm not sure that post you referred me to is requesting the same thing - their request is much more broad.  Do you by chance know if there have been requests for specific comment notifications from others?  

Thank you for your reply,


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Hi Stefanie,

Thank you.  This is exactly what I was looking for.