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Record button missing in Studio on iPads

I have two instructors who do not have the Record button in Studio on their iPads.  Yes, we can use the native recorder on the iPad, but that creates extra steps and these are shared devices.  They are using Safari, not the Canvas app.  They see the Record button on a laptop, but not on their iPad.  Any suggestions?

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Hello @chuebner 

Thank you for contacting the Canvas Community. We're sorry to hear you've been experiencing issues with missing  record buttons on Studio. Thanks for all of the information upfront, if they are using  Safari on the iPad and it is just two users - it is very much so their specific versions of Safari or devices. First, they should clear the cache on their iPads. 

Secondly, if they don't want to use the Canvas app, then they may need to adjust settings within Safari. With the most recent update made by Apple, Safari now blocks all cross site tracking and third party cookies. Try to go to Safari Preferences in the upper left of your computer, then ‘prevent cross-site tracking’ will need to be disabled in Safari settings. navigate to the Safari settings and uncheck Prevent cross-site tracking-

Safari > Preferences > Privacy and disabling both “Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Block all cookies” 

Either of these should resolve the problem. If they are still experiencing it, you may want to reach out to Canvas Support or your local IT team. They also could consider downloading the app for the iPad since that is what it is intended for generally speaking. Hopefully this helps! 

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Hello @greydon 

Thank you for your reply.  I had another admin test your theories and this was her response:

Clearing the cache and cookies did bring back the record button in Chrome, so it should maybe work for Safari as well, but still no screen capture.

She put in a ticket with Canvas to see if they have a solution.


@greydon This is the response we got from Canvas support:

 I'm sorry that you have had trouble with the studio screen recording tool on iPad. Unfortunately, we do not support this tool on iPad. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Chromebook.

However, this is what it shows for Studio compatibility (note that Safari and IOS mobile apps claim to be compatible).  There is nothing under the limited support link that says iPads are not supported either.

Studio Compatibility.PNG


We are sending this back to Canvas support and would appreciate any other input we can get from the Community!

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The Canvas app does not resolve this issue, nor does disabling the privacy settings. This is not a solution to our issue.