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I don't want to use the green and red colors in the rubrics. If a student gets the max points they see green but if they get any other percentage (even 90%) they see the color red outlining the rubric criteria box.  Is there any way to remove this feature?  It's a bit discouraging.  (I read here that some instructors have the colors yellow and orange appear but that does not show up on my end at all.  Is there a quick way to adjust this?)  Thanks s'much!

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Hi  @dking2  - Unfortunately not. This has been a bit of a bone of contention for several Canvas users since their introduction over a year ago. Rather than repeat things that have already been said, I encourage you to take a look at the posting and comments here:  New color coding in rubrics .  There is a link to a Feature Idea there, which I encourage you vote up and comment upon, as well as an explanation of where the colors come from, which is under the control of your local Canvas administrator.  But because of they're tie-in to the Learning Mastery Configuration as one of the comments mention, your administrator may be reluctant to change these, since it would also affect the colors used for any Learning Mastery gradebooks that may be out there in your institution.

I hope this helps a bit, Donna.

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So am I understanding this correctly, that if I change the Learning Mastery Gradebook colors that the colors on the rubric will change? Is this only for rubrics using outcomes or rubric without outcomes or both? There isn't enough documentation for me to full understand what is impacting what feature. This green only if it is the high point value is a total waste as far as it being helpful for students.

Can someone please provide more detail - if I change the learning mastery colors and don't use outcomes what exactly changes???

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