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Regular Expression-what am I missing?

An instructor has a NEW quiz with a regular expression for possible answer. I have checked and rechecked what the student is submitting and according to the regular expression that is set for the correct answer, this question should not be counted as incorrect, but it is. Would another set of eyes take a look at this and see what I am missing?

Quiz Question: 

Complete the statement below to display authors by last name followed by first name. The last name and first name should be separated by a comma and a blank space and displayed in the same column. Follow standards and uppercase keywords.
Only submit the missing part unless otherwise indicated.

SELECT _______
FROM Authors;

Regular Expression answer:

CONCAT ?\( ?[Aa]uthor[Ll]ast, ?["'], ["'], ?[Aa]uthor[Ff]irst ?\)

Student's Answer:

CONCAT(AuthorLast, ', ',  AuthorFirst)

This student's answer keeps getting scored as incorrect. What am I missing?


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Your regex wants there to be a space after CONCAT

All the spaces in the regex are required in the answer.

You can delete them or make them optional.