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Today I was informed that by posting a question on this page I received a digital badge. I love digital badges and find them to have motivational qualities. However, for posting a question/criticism I received the badge of "Vulnerable". That is a horrible name for a badge and is, in fact, de-motivational. It sounds like I am at risk for asking a question not that I took a risk to become engaged. To be vulnerable is not a positive quality as far as I am concerned. A badge name to encourage more participation after a first question is asked would be "Bold", or "Adventerous", or "Quester".

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Community Team

@daniel_carroll thanks for posting your suggestion about this badge name here in the Community. In this instance we chose Vulnerable as a positive word to invoke the positive outcomes that come from being vulnerable and putting yourself out there in a new public forum for the first time. It's scary to post something that tens of thousands of users might read and we wanted to celebrate that vulnerability. 

However, we'll discuss as a team and try to find a better word for this badge. Because while it's important to be vulnerable and take those first steps, we also want these badges to invoke positivity and reward people for accomplishing things that can be difficult. Vulnerable doesn't always carry positive connotations and, as you mentioned, there are better words to celebrate a first step in an online community.

Thanks for caring enough to post here and help us examine these badge names again.



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