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I have reviewed information about editing rubrics, if I understand correctly I cannot edit a rubric in use. Is there a way, once I have edited a rubric and it becomes a new version,  to then apply it to other assignments using that rubric all at once? 

For example, I've copied my course into the new semester shell, but I wish to update the rubric used on an assignment in each module. Can I apply that new rubric to all of these assignments without going into each assignment individually?



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Community Coach

Welcome @MichaelSantoro to the Instructure Community. You are correct in that a rubric cannot be batch edited (or edited an then batch applied) if it has been used in more than one place. More than once I've found myself in the situation of deleting a rubric to writing assignments #2-6 after realizing I made a mistake on the rubric to writing assignment #1. 😢

I notice that if I delete a rubric after using it to grade a submission, the score remains even though the rubric disappears. Fortunately I discovered that in testing and haven't had to re-grade a submission to make sure that the rubric points add up to the score that I previously gave the submission. 😅

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