Rubric Sorting Should Prioritize Current Course

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When attempting to pull a rubric from saved rubrics it gives a master list of all old rubrics, however the list is sorted by course title. This is very inefficient. I am most likely to reuse a rubric from the current course and that course should be at the top of the list. so I can get to those rubrics the quickest.

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Community Coach

Hi there, @omari_r_sarjean ...

Yes, that is frustrating when you are trying to find a rubric to attach to an assignment and it's not the first thing in the list.  I have some good news for you, however.  Although this is not an "official" part of the core Canvas product, @James Jones has developed a "Canvancement" (Canvas Enhancement) that solves this problem.  Check out his blog post called Sorting the Find a Rubric dialog.  Hopefully you'll be able to easily implement this script in your own Chrome browser.  If you have any questions about the script, you can post those at the bottom of James' blog post, and I'm sure he would answer.

Good luck to you!

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