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So I am trying to add a rubric to an external tool assignment and I have read the below comment from canvas staff. However, I am trying to integrate Pivot Interactive, which does in fact work. However, there is no way to add in a rubric. Even if I use the below advice, the moment I change the assignment and integrate Pivot, the rubric goes away.

"There is a workaround for adding a rubric to an external tool assignment. If you first create the assignment as an Online or On Paper submission type, you can add a rubric to the assignment. Once the assignment's created and a rubric is attached, you can edit the assignment and change the submission type to External Tool and attach your google assignment. "

So is there a way to integrate Pivot and have a rubric?

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Hello @Bkays ...

The instructions you provided in your response are correct.  After you add the rubric to your assignment (like normal) and then change the submission type back to "External Tool", the rubric will look like it has disappeared from the bottom of your assignment.  But, it actually hasn't.  You can go to the SpeedGrader for the assignment, and you would be able to access the rubric just like you would for any regular assignment.  How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader?  In addition, students are also still able to access the rubric via their "Grades" page even before the assignment is submitted...so they can see what they will be assessed on.  How do I use a rubric to grade submissions in SpeedGrader?

I hope this information will be of help to you.  Sing out if you have any other questions about this...thanks!  Take care...stay safe...be well.

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Hi again, @Bkays ...

It looks like Instructure will be pushing out an update to Assignments on Wednesday that will allow you to attach a rubric to an external tool!  Check out the June 21, 2023 Deploy Notes:

Canvas Deploy Notes (2023-06-21) - Instructure Community (canvaslms.com)

Look for the heading Assignments: External Tools Add Rubric Button.  😃

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